Growth Potential Indicator

growthpotentialx200Do you own and operate your own business?
Going forward, do you wonder what’s best for you and your business?
Do you need to grow it before you can prepare to sell it?

If you wonder what your next move is, the Growth Potential Indicator (GPI)  can give you a reading. It’s free, anonymous and confidential. The GPI helps you think about where and how to focus your attention on what you and your business needs going forward. In four minutes you can see how your business ranks on key criteria for choosing how to go forward, and you will gain insight to push your thinking and actions to the next level. Your results will help you determine if you want to start a private conversation with Andy.

Not a business owner? Do you serve and advise owners, host meetings of owners, or are you curious if your business can participate in our region’s Shale Gas Boom, the GPI can help you decide how to progress and whether you need Andy’s assistance.

To start, please choose which statement describes you best:

A. I own and operate a million-dollar business
B. I serve and advise client business owners
C. I host, plan or lead meetings which attract business owners
D. Should I grow my business because of the shale gas boom?
E. I’m just interested in what you do, Andy