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Do You Have An Eight-Figure Mindset
For 21st Century Business Growth?

According to Michael Porter, arguably the best strategic expert
alive today, most private businesses confuse operational
effectiveness for strategy.

Are you trying to maintain the status quo?

Expecting the past to predict the future

Cutting prices & delivering faster expecting your business to grow.

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    Ferrari Race Team Helps Redesign Surgical Procedures at a London Hospital

    The first principle of the Four Fields of 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth is curiosity and inquiry.

    Where do you look for new ideas?

    Do you rely on your industry experts and best practices?

    That may be fine […]

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    Can You Foresee Your Success?

    Yes, you can!

    If you understand and master the Four Fields of 21st Century Sustainable Profitable Growth.

    They are…

    Curiosity & Inquiry
    21st Century Thinking
    Leading Forward
    The Mindset of Sustainable Profitable Growth

    Take a look at a recent article in […]

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    Is Your Company a Polaroid or Radio Shack or is it an Uber or Zappos?

    As you look forward and you think about your business. It’s probably been successful for a long time

    Reflecting on the miscarriage of so many businesses, is your company exposed as Polaroid? Despite it’s inventing a […]

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    Greed or Ego…How Much of Both Should Drive Your Business Decisions?

    Every day we get mixed messages. We are taught that greed is not a virtue, and we all know that Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko went overboard when he said greed is good. On the other […]

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    Learning Center 8-Figure Profitable Growth in the 21st Century

    Hi, I’m Andy Birol and I’ve been working with business owners the last 17 years and before then, 20 years working for owners. I’ve been amazed, respectful and admired your success for your ability to take chances, have a vision, make investments, sell, find staff, create great products and services, and deliver these to satisfy your customers and create enough gross margins and profits to drive your business forward.

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    Your 21st Century Philosophy For 8-Figure Profitable Growth For Business.

    1. Your 21st Century Brain: Why It Must Be In The Right Place For Your 8-Figure Business.

    2. Develop Your 8-Figure Mindset: How You Can Create and Sustain 8-Figure Profitable Growth For Your Business.

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    Speaking, Workshops, Roundtables, and Keynotes

    Applying Your Best & Highest Use To Profitably Grow Your Business You, as the owner, are the accelerant of profitable growth, and the builder of legacy and wealth. But understanding your Best and Highest Use® (BHU), and staying focused despite the ongoing distractions of family, investors, employees and customers is hard.

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    Andy’s Services 8-Figure Mindset℠ and 8-Figure Profitable Growth

    You built your company by seizing opportunities and overcoming obstacles. Through the years you learned to make choices and changes so your business keeps runs pretty well. Looking back, you can take pride in your accomplishments. Looking forward, how do you settle down when you see so much changing all the time?

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